Small Groups

Home Groups are where members of CCV can go deeper in their relationships with one another.  These weekly gatherings, held in different locations around Greater Lansing, are designed to help people share meaningful time together and grow together in faith.  Each group is centered around the core activities of Bible study, discussion, and prayer.  We believe in the practice of small group fellowship because it connects us more relationally to the body of Christ, and enables us to experience the transformative power of genuine Christian community.

Group Finder

NameDescriptionScheduleMembersAverage AgeRegister
Alvaro HomegroupMidweek meeting at the home of Gerald & Kari AlvaroWednesday at 6:30 PM446
Fedewa HomegroupMidweek meeting at the home of Bruce & Deanna FedewaFriday at 6:20 PM646
Johnson HomegroupMidweek meeting at of various homes.Thursday at 6:30 PM1247