Intervarsity Compelling Conference

Following Jesus with Strength and Courage.

Human beings are a journeying people. We can understand and make sense of much of our lives through the lens of the journey. Our family histories. Our career arcs and trajectories. Our spiritual journeys. Our financial plans. They intersect and meld together into a narrative as we see our lives as the unfolding story of who we are and what we do in the world. What God has called us to do in this world.

Here’s the thing though. We aren’t the only character in our story. Our journeys aren’t made solo. Neither was the journey of God’s people. When Israel was led out of Egypt, they went together, with God before them. When they refused to follow God, they wandered in circles, together. And then when God raised up Joshua to lead them to the promised land, they went in together, with God before them.

You see, apart from God, our journeys, our lives, often feel like they are going in circles. But in light of the journey of Christ, our lives can be a journey to God, both individually and together.

Join us at Compelling as we journey together, following Jesus with strength and courage, adding lines to the narrative of our stories as we step into what God has in store for us and our campuses.

Watch the video below for what you can expect to see this year at Compelling2019.

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