Vineyard USA

Capital City Vineyard is part of a larger association of churches known as “The Vineyard”, a growing group of contemporary churches begun in the late 1970’s during the Jesus Movement.

Due to its active & ongoing commitment to church planting, the Vineyard movement now includes more than 600 churches in the United States and over 1000 churches in other nations around the world. The Vineyard now has an active presence in over 60 different nations worldwide.

What purpose does our participation in the Vineyard serve? Our network with other Vineyard churches provides us with the excitement, the unity, the accountability, and the partnership that comes from being part of something God is doing that’s much bigger than our own local church.

As an association of independent churches, Vineyard churches are self-governing, and are primarily connected to one another relationally and by shared values. This allows for a greater degree of freedom and autonomy in our local churches. As independent churches, every Vineyard congregation has its own local governance and owns its own assets.

As a whole, the Vineyard is committed to bridging the gap between “Spirit filled” Pentecostal churches and “Bible based” Evangelical churches, by aiming to reflect the best of both: the fullness of the Holy Spirit and Biblical truth. For that reason, we often speak of our identity in the Vineyard in terms of being “Empowered Evangelicals”.  We recognize that as we make disciples of Jesus Christ we are specifically called to the task of “teaching them to obey everything” Jesus commanded (Matthew 28:20a), which is recorded in the Word of God. Yet we’re also convinced that the key to our obedience as followers of Jesus is submitting to the guidance and empowerment of the Holy Spirit, which is the indwelling presence of Jesus that he promised would always be with his disciples (Matthew 28:20b, John 16:7-15, Acts 1:8).

In addition to this broader sense of identity, all Vineyard Churches also share in common a set of Biblical and theological convictions (our Vineyard Statement of Faith), a distinctive style of ministry, and five core “Vineyard Values” which express the heart of how we do ministry.  They are:

  1. The Theology and Practice of the Kingdom of God
  2. Experiencing God
  3. Culturally Relevant Mission
  4. Reconciling Community
  5. Compassionate Ministry

The leadership of each local Vineyard Church consists of a Board of Advisors (or Elders), who are appointed by and serve under the direction of the Senior Pastor according to their adopted bylaws. Capital City Vineyard is part of the Michigan area, now under the pastoral oversight of Area Leader (AL) Pastor Don Milton, from New Life Vineyard in Midland, Michigan.  The Michigan area is part of the Great Lakes North Region, under Regional Leader (RL) Pastor Mark Pope, from the Vineyard Church of Mishawaka, Indiana. All the member churches in “Vineyard USA” are now under the leadership of National Director Phil Strout.